About Projext X Research

Posted on December 16th, 2012 by Sergey Kosov

We perform research on mathematically well-founded methods in image processing and computer vision. The main focus is on techniques using partial differential equations and variational methods. We are interested in all aspects of these techniques, including mathematical modelling, well-posedness analysis, efficient algorithms for sequential and parallel computer architectures, and medical applications.

What's New

Updated on September 15th, 2016 by Sergey Kosov

DGM library v.1.5.0 has been just released

with lots of improvements. First of all, in the new version the physical project structure of the library was deeply revised: now CMake is needed to build the project (in the same way as the OpenCV library). Moreover, new visualization module VIS is added:

VIS module

VIS module provides with a variety of tools for visualizing and analyzing used data as well as intermediate and final results. For user interaction capacity, there are functions, which allow for handling the mouse clicks over the figures. Please see our tutorial Demo Visualization for more details.

DGM module

hCell library v.1.1.1 has been just released

which allows representing raster images via hexagonical picture elements instead of classical quadratic ones:

Click here for more details...

hCell library is now available on GitHub

We invite all developers to check out the code and contribute, join us on GitHub. Pull requests, issues, and library recommendations are more than welcome!

Hyperlapse Stabilization

Project X Hyperlapse Stabilization is a technology that removes annoying shaky motion from videos and creates smooth and stabilized time lapses from image sequences. Video stabilization is an important video enhancement technology which is in great demand in timelapse and hyperlapse photography. We dewelop a practical and robust approach of video stabilization that produces stabilized videos with good visual quality. See more details...