Hexagon Cell  v.1.1.1
HexagonCells::CMarker Class Reference

Marker class. More...

#include <Marker.h>

Public Member Functions

 CMarker (void)
 ~CMarker (void)
void markGrid (Mat &img, double R, CvScalar color)
 Draws the hexagonical grid on the image. More...
void markHexagon (Mat &img, double R, int idx, CvScalar color)
 Draws a single filled hexagon. More...

Detailed Description

Marker class.

This class allows to visualize the hexagonical cells

Sergey G. Kosov, serge.nosp@m.y.ko.nosp@m.sov@p.nosp@m.roje.nosp@m.ct-10.nosp@m..de

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HexagonCells::CMarker::CMarker ( void  )

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HexagonCells::CMarker::~CMarker ( void  )

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Member Function Documentation

void HexagonCells::CMarker::markGrid ( Mat &  img,
double  R,
CvScalar  color 

Draws the hexagonical grid on the image.

[in,out]imgThe image
[in]RHexagon outer radius
[in]colorGrid color

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void HexagonCells::CMarker::markHexagon ( Mat &  img,
double  R,
int  idx,
CvScalar  color 

Draws a single filled hexagon.

[in,out]imgThe 3-channel RGB color image
[in]RHexagon outer radius
[in]idxThe hexagon index
[in]colorCell color

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