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in Computer Vision and Machine Learning


in Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Our mission is to deliver open source C++ libraries for numerical computation for the purposes of conducting computer vision and machine learning research. We teach computers to understand the visual world.

About Project X Research

We perform research on mathematically well-founded methods in computer vision and machine learning. The main focus is on techniques using partial differential equations and variational methods. We are interested in all aspects of these techniques, including mathematical modelling, well-posedness analysis, efficient algorithms for sequential and parallel computer architectures, and medical applications.




Open-source ray-tracing library for Physically Based Rendering tasks

Direct Graphical Models

A library implementing various tasks in probabilistic graphical models with pairwise dependencies

[Detect | Recognize | Track] Face

A library, which allows for real-time detection, tracking and recognition of faces and objects in videos and image sequences

Hexagon Cells

A library, which allows representing raster images via hexagonical picture elements instead of classical quadratic ones

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Sergey Kosov